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The Doom That Came To Somerville

The Event Horizon of Awful Things

The Event Horizon of Awful Things
20 March 1982
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Hi, I'm an internationally distributed filmmaker who had festival exposure for a feature-length project before I left college. I also freelance for Cracked.com, Spike.com and Gunaxin.com, and have so far gotten to "Most Popular" on Digg fourteen times. I still work office jobs and do not control any portion of the fate of the world. This is the real face of the entertainment world, kids.

This is my personal journal. For semi-professional stuff, check out seitzeeing.wordpress.com. This is for personal blather.

I work as a HR clerical for a company in the Boston area. I am, in a very Faulknerian sense, The Man.

If you'd like to friend me, just do it and don't worry about asking. PLEASE NOTE THAT IF YOU HAVE A NEW ACCOUNT I WILL NOT FRIEND YOU BACK IMMEDIATELY. I will keep an eye on your journal to make sure you're not a sockpuppet or a spambot. That said, if you have a reasonably long history on LJ, I like finding new friends in my userinfo. :-D
Collorary to the above: this is a non-hostile friending/defriending zone, i.e. if you defriend me I don't take it personally and if I defriend you, it's not personal.

Please be advised that the owner of this journal wields a very powerful and magical weapon for use on this journal, called a "banhammer." There are very specific rules for using this, and like any good hammer, they're written on the side.

The Text of the Banhammer:

Lo, ye hold in thy hand a powerful weapon, one that must be
wielded with care. Follow thou these rules before striking
with great vengeance and furious anger:

1) Hast thou opponent demonstrated a level of ignorance that
would shame the great Odin?

2) Hast thou opponent become personally insulting towards
thyself or others in the course of an argument?

3) Do thou know thy opponent from Heimdall, or didst they
blunder in here from some community or aggregator?

Then strikest thy opponent with the banhammer, and they shall
plague thou nevermore. Wield wisely, and be worthy of the
power of ADMIN!

For those of you without a sense of humor, I allow anonymous comments because I believe in free speech. I'm also unbothered by viewpoints not my own. The comment will be screened, but it's unlikely I won't unscreen it.

However, if you demonstrate behavior openly obnoxious and/or egregiously stupid, towards myself or anyone, you're gone. I'll post a comment about WHY you're gone, addressed towards you, most likely a detailed one, but that's the ballgame.

If you keep a civil tongue in your head and think about what you're saying before you click "Post Comment", you should be all right.

Also, be advised that any whiny emails about how it's not fair will be posted, publicly, in this journal. Piss me off enough and I won't even redact your email address.
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